5 things to consider for building a good website

5 things to consider for building a good website
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Got stuck up on how to start creating a website?

Investing on a website is a major decision for any business. Your website is the face of your brand in today's online world. Let us help you in finding the key points to consider before starting up a website.

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1) Attractive Design & Content

In today's world you find all the information online so your website should have good and informative content for the user. Content should be relevant for the targeted user which helps to rank high in search engines, such as videos, images, graphics and etc.

The Design should be always attractive, contemporary and easily navigable. People are fond of colors as the color speaks the emotions which will give a great impact when they visit a website. Choose the color for your website which also sync with your brand and help the audience to sync easily.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” -Steve Jobs

Below are some links which help to get the color sets for your website.

1) Material Io

2) Adobe Color Wheel

3) Color Mind tool

2) Userflow

It is very important to provide the information to the user for why they have visited. If a website is confusing and difficult to move so the user may leave the website and never visit. Give proper information in your website such as mentioning headers, define menus and add search tabs, which will make website user friendly to find the information. Make use of sitemaps to give the other site links of the website. Make your website design properly structured and easy to navigate within pages or sections.

3) Mobile friendly

This is the most important thing to consider in today's world and should be included in your website. Your website should be always mobile friendly, more people are using their phone devices to browse the web. It is important that the layout should adjust as per the screen.

4) Know the Basic SEO

A website should always be optimized well for their visibility in the search engines. To increase your visibility in  search engines you should always consider right meta tags. These meta tags give google and users right information about your business. Add title, description and right keywords. Always use original content and no duplicacy. Basic SEO will not only help you to rank but also create your brand online

5) Call to action

Call to action plays an important role for users to find out how they can contact or get their query resolved. Adding call to action such as "contact us” or “Email us” will help them to send their query or give you a call right away. Adding call to action for your social media pages as “Like us” or “Follow us ” can also increase the number of likes or followers.

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